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Downsizing in Toronto … or not?

Downsizing with a view

Toronto Condos on Harbourfront

We are blessed to work with many first time buyers even though the majority of our service is with those clients contemplating downsizing from large luxury homes. When is the right time to sell and should we purchase a condo or a freehold townhouse? What is a fair maintenance fee? Can I find what I want near transit, in a safe village like neighbourhood, with garage parking and up to date kitchen /bathrooms? Yes you can and there are good price points in new build condos as well as established freehold town homes. Should I sell now and rent or buy right away? Clearly if one sells and buys in the same market you are insulated from speculation losses. If you choose to sell and rent … in one or two years you may well pay more for the same property you could buy now with today’s dollars. The key is to work with an experienced REALTOR® to see for yourself what the choices actually are. Even if you are just interested in knowing what your home is worth, ask your REALTOR® to show your similar homes to yours so you can actually see first hand what competitive home listings are selling for and why.  Some REALTORS® may specialize in listing only and have juniors or associates deal with the purchasing side. I personally recommend that if a REALTOR® doesn’t have time to deal with you when you want to look to buy then why would you deal with him or her at all. We are full service REALTORS® who represent most of our clients for generations. Being referred to relatives and friends is most encouraging aspect of our business. We recommend you interview three REALTOR® prior to buying or selling. A cohesive fit is essential as your trust must be earned.


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