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Don’t Read This … Or The Kitty Gets It!

Simba in the Cathouse 07

Simba in Cat House

Love that is … Who loves us unconditionally … even more than we love ourselves? Our dogs and cats of course! This is your chance to share your recommendations for Veterinarians, Pet Groomers, Pet Food Favourites … all things Pets. For years I purchased my pet’s food from my Vet. I didn’t give a care about the price … just thought it was the best for Simba. NOT necessarily. While my Simba’s Vet (Bay Cat and Dog Hospital – Dr. Gabrielle Herman, D.V.M) is profoundly competent to care for her health needs, I was brainwashed into believing I needed to buy the food their too. Well then, there are dozens of great pet supply / food stores across Toronto. We willingly spend a fortune on our pets out of love and affection. It’s just fun seeing what some of these stores are offering. Check out the Toys R Us section at most stores. I recently visited YELP to see what other pet lovers said about their favourite Toronto pet shops. It seems the local Menagerie Cabbagetown shop was right at the top of the list. Visit this Yelp site to see other such ratings as “Best Toronto Pet Stores”, “Best Toronto Veterinarians”, “Best Toronto Pet Services”. A real favourite in my neighbourhood for our dogs is DogFather & Co . I challenge you to rate your favourite dog walk, park, names, breeds, Vets … It’s all about the Love & Licks. Coming soon … What to do in an Emergency, Tags, Chips and Why, Preventative Medicine, Food Nutrition / The Facts & Don’t Eat That Plant Digger.


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