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The Evolution of Green Real Estate

Green = SavingsThe green revolution has been a powerful movement. People are more aware of how their actions impact our earth. The word “Green” has become a social status, personal objective and money-making industry!

The “green stamp” influences Canadians when purchasing new products. According to the Real Estate Council of Ontario 68% of buyers consider themselves environmental-friendly consumers when looking to purchase a new home. Making your house greener does not require huge investments with undertakings such as installing a new water heat or installing solar panels on your roof.


Here is a list of some cost effective tips suggested that will save you money, make your house more green, and could provide people with incentive to buy your house!

1. Install Faucet Aerators – $10

2. Replace an Old Dishwasher – $300

3. Swap out Older Toilets – $150

4. Buy Compact Florescent Light Bulbs – $3 Each

5. Plant a Tree – $20 The Shade can lower your cooling costs by up to 25%. They also make your home more comfortable and green!

6. A Ceiling Fan – $50 This allows for better airflow, resulting in improved efficiency of your heating/air conditioning system

7. If you want to install hardwood floors, opt for Bamboo instead! Lumber can take 95% longer to grow then bamboo. Bamboo is also more economical!

8. Use healthier paints – Conventional paints contain solvents, toxic metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause smog, ozone pollution and indoor air quality problems with negative health effects. Look for zero or low emission VOC paints.

9. Compost. They are free and create a positive ecosystem for your discarded organic materials. If you live in an apartment, take a look at the link below. It will explain how to make odorless compost, also known as vermiculture.http://organicgardening.about.com/od/compost/ss/setupawormbin.htm 

10. Get rid of the refridgerator in the old garage.

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