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Summer….in www.OurHomeToronto.com

Summer has arrived in the city of Toronto! Make sure to take in some of the wonderful sites and sounds of the great neighbourhoods that that city has to offer. These are just a few highlights….get out and explore!
Come again and visit The Riverdale Farm 201 Winchester Street; Let your children play in the wading pool, let your dogs run free with the pack and meet lots of other dog folks, visit the Organic Farmers Market every Tuesday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, take a snooze under a shady tree, see and smell the wonder of a Farm in the center of the City.
Cabbagetown is one of our rare Toronto neighbourhoods where you can walk to the high street and know the green grocer or butcher or the publican’s first name. Where merchants leave a water bowel and biscuits out for your four legged friends. Enjoy the Patio hospitality of F’Amelia or The House On Parliament’ new roof top oasis.
Cabbagetown Riverdale Park Childrens Wading Pool JRM 09,05,09
Cabbagetown … The Largest Grouping of Victorian Homes in North America!

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Green Organic Farmers Markets … Brick Works & Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farm Organic Farmers Market

Riverdale Farm Organic Farmers Market

Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market

Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market

  How many of you are shopping for your veggies at these two organic farmers markets?

The Evergreen Brick Works (off the Bayview Extension but don’t drive … take the shuttle bus from the Broadview Subway Station) is on Saturdays 8:00 am to  1:00pm. There is sooo much happening here so come out and take in the Blueberry Festival, Yoga & Meditation, The Stewardship Event, Crafts and Busker Festival as well as Garden Group Events. … The Riverdale Farm Farmers Market  (In Cabbagetown) is on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. This Park and Farm are a must for everyone especially children who will love the farm animals and wading pool. Bottom line … organic is healthier and tastes better. Support your neighbourhood farmers market and make it an outing for your family , you neighbours and your four legged friends too. I started back in May going every week and bought seedling tomato plants, basil, dill and chives. I have lots of other herbs as I love to cook. The tomatoes are ripe and were delicious today alongside my home made chicken salad. The Peaches last week were heavenly. Almost everything is coming to harvest so get there, shop fresh & eat healthy.     Take Note:If you need help getting your produce home and want to support a terrific local green initiative … See Laurie Featherstone of  TwoWheelsGreenDelivery.com she will deliver with her bicycle from either market. Visit her website and blog and call her at 647-205-6496.

So you have all switched to Bullfrog Power and are buying organic and using Laurie to deliver with her bycicle. More next time about a recipe or two and how to keep your vegies fresh.

Enjoying Life, Everyday, Everywhere!



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